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ONE BSR Newsletter 2/2013

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opublikowano: Piątek, 8 Listopada, 2013 - 13:40, agrabias

Welcome to read the second ONE Baltic Sea Region Newsletter A lot has happened in the ONE Baltic Sea Region (ONE BSR) project in the last six months. The common activities across the Baltic Sea Region in investors’ and tourism promotion, talent retention as well as in branding of the region have taken concrete steps forward.

First research and workshop results have been published and stakeholders involved in many different ways. In this newsletter you can read about the highlights of the last months and the upcoming events, e.g.

- Project meeting in Copenhagen, including a joint stakeholders’ workshop
- Results of the US tourism market study on Baltic Sea Region
- Greetings from the bloggers trip
- New bloggers wanted
- Publication of the new One BSR film
- Policy Round Table in Talent Retention in Gdansk: what did we learn
- Cleantech and sustainability discussed at the 4th Investment Promotion Agency meeting
- New business ideas created at IdeaMarket
- Online conference on Baltic Sea branding and St. Petersburg on 31 October
- EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Annual Forum in Vilnius November 2013

The ONE BSR newsletter is published every six months to keep you updated on our achievements and events. Read the newsletter below or online at the ONE BSR website

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ONE BSR partners and stakeholders met in Copenhagen in the 3rd project meeting,

For two days in September, the Danish capital was the home
of the ONE BSR project as the partners gathered in Copenhagen for the third project meeting. In addition to internal working sessions of the project, the Talent and
Investment workpackages organized a joint workshop that was also opened up to the Danish stakeholders. The workshop was successful in identifying synergies between
attracting talent and foreign investment, as well as the tools to jointly coordinate them. Besides the project partners were also coached for using social media
for networking, reaching out to stakeholders and for branding the Baltic Sea Region.

Read more:

How well is the Baltic Sea Region known in the US tourism market?

The results of a US Tourism Market Demand study show that the Baltic Sea Region is still rather unknown destination for the US tour operators. The study, carried out by the ONE BSR project, was aimed to gain knowledge of the US market concerning the demand on roundtrips through the Baltic Sea Region and the perception of Baltic Sea Region metropoles. The results show that the most known cities are St. Petersburg, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm. The study verifies that co-operation and combined routes with common topics or geographical proximity are needed. In addition there are both global and US-Europe specific trends recognized in the tourism business.
Read more:

Greetings from the bloggers’ trip around the Baltic Sea
On the last week of September, six ONE BSR bloggers were participating in an Experience Trip around the Baltic Sea. Travelling from Warsaw, Poland to the Finnish capital Helsinki, and finishing the trip in Tallinn, Estonia, the bloggers learned more about the three different capitals, their lifestyles, cuisines, traditions and tourist attractions, as well as the different identities and cultures around the common sea. During the trip, the bloggers were commenting their experiences in social media, through Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and after the trip their stories are shared at the ONE BSR website, blogs and in a film. The bloggers’ experiences will be used in identifying new ideas on how to promote the visited cities and the whole Baltic Sea Region. See the film from the bloggers’ trip:
Read more:

Call for new bloggers
Ten nations and already over 60 stories – but we want more. The ONE BSR bloggers have shared stories from their daily lives at since March 2013. Eleven bloggers have posted about specialties and quirks from their respective nations. Their experiences provide readers with a window into what life is like on the shore of the Baltic Sea. While blogging, the writers reach out to a large local and international audience, and become part of an intercultural network of
bloggers. To get even more versatile stories, we are now looking for new bloggers. See the conditions at ONE BSR website and apply by 1 November!
Read more:

New film: What connects the Baltic Sea Region?

Water, nature, common history or herring – could these elements serve as building blocks for the common Baltic Sea identity? In the new film of the ONE BSR project, people around the area explain what they think connects the different countries, which landmarks best describe the region, and which elements could be used for BSR identity building and branding. The film is the second in a series of four, each filmed at the ONE BSR project’s
Policy Round Table events, tackling the issue of identity and branding from different angles.
See the film at
Read more:

How to keep talents in the Baltic Sea Region: Policy Round table at the ScanBalt Forum

How to attract and keep international talents, students and professionals in the Baltic Sea area was the topic of the 3rd ONE BSR Policy Round Table discussion held in Gdansk, Poland, on 18 October. Experts and talents were brought to the same table to discuss the challenges of keeping international talents in the area, and finding ways for co-operation. Most of the talents have had problems with the local languages and the lack of language skills. Also the support for the families and partners, as well the overall attractiveness of the place were considered important.Read more:

Investment Promotion Agencies meet to discuss Cleantech and Growth Capital

On 5 November 2013, Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) of the Baltic Sea Region will gather in Copenhagen for the fourth BSR IPAs meeting. The objective of the upcoming meeting is to discuss Cleantech and Sustainability as a prioritized sector for investment promotion as well as to identify the possibilities of Growth Capital investments within the sector, and the opportunities in a wider perspective. As part of the ONE BSR project, the IPAs’ meetings aim to exchange best practice and information on how the investment promotion work is organized, as well as find areas where the
IPAs should join efforts to increase the success in attracting investments to the region.
Read more:

New business ideas for the Baltic Sea Region

As a result of the networking and product development event IdeaMarket, held in Tallinn, Estonia 27-28 September 2013, five new business ideas were created, that are useful for the whole Baltic Sea Region. Among the ideas were a textile brand, an agency for freelancers and a company to reuse coffee packages. Special mention was given to the developers of a digital interactive children books’ platform. For winning idea was awarded a team that produces mobile and flexible massage tables. The IdeaMarket showed that intercultural collaboration results in excellent business ideas.
Read more:

Balticlab 2.0 brings young and creative minds togethe

Young entrepreneurs, artists, creative industry professionals and people with project ideas are
encouraged to apply for the Balticlab 2.0. Balticlab 2.0 is a possibility for young people from the Baltic Sea region to explore new perspectives and sources of inspiration, to create collaboration and to find new business ideas. The selected candidates will travel to a networking weekend in Stockholm in December 2013. The application period is open until 8 November 2013.
Read more:

ONE BSR presented to high-level politicians and diplomats in Latvia

In recent months many prominent and high-level political figures have been visiting Valmiera and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) in Latvia.
To raise the recognition of the ONE BSR project and to underline its importance, each of these meetings has been used to promote the ONE BSR project.
Read more:

Generation Y as a driver of the successful development of the Baltic Sea Region: St.Petersburg – Young and vivid
31 October, St. Petersburg, Russia
Baltic Sea branding and St. Petersburg’s image will be discussed at this conference organized as part of the cooperation between St. Petersburg and the ONE BSR project. The conference is addressed to Russian and foreign experts, students and young specialists in the fields of journalism, PR, marketing and advertising, sociologists, as well as experts of international relations and entrepreneurship. The conference aims at the opinion exchange on methodology and creative decisions of the territorial marketing, drawing attention to the promotion of the Baltic Sea, analyses of St. Petersburg image and discussion of the most effective communication channels.
A live broadcast of the conference will be held on 31 October 2013 at 10.00 am (Moscow time) at

Talent retention: Advisory Board meeting
4 November, Stockholm, Sweden

The first Advisory Board meeting of the ONE BSR’s Talent Retention workpackage will be held on 4 November in Stockholm, Sweden. The Advisory Board consists of influential policy-makers involved in the talent retention business around the Baltic Sea Region. There are representatives both from governments, universities, business sector and non-profit sector. The Advisory Board follows up the work of the workpackage, and it has an important role in disseminating the results.

Baltic Sea Region’s Investment Promotions Agencies’ meeting
5 November, Copenhagen, Denmark
The objective of the meeting is to discuss Cleantech and Sustainability as a prioritized sector for investment promotion as well as to identify the possibilities of Growth Capital investments within the sector, and the opportunities in a wider perspective.

4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the BSR
11-12 November, Vilnius, Lithuania
The event, entitled ‘Baltic Sea, Baltic Growth, Baltic Environment’, will focus on the environmental challenges faced by the Baltic Sea region, and the potential to turn these challenges into opportunities for economic growth, competitiveness and job creation. It will bring together the
main stakeholders of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region from all countries around the Baltic Sea, representing the governmental sector, business, civil society and regional organisations. As the flagship project of the EUSBSR Horizontal Action “Promo”, ONE BSR project can be found at the joint stand in the “Project Village” of the Forum –see you there!

Visit Europe Media Exchange
18 November, New York, and 20 November, San Francisco, USA
ONE BSR and the Baltic Sea Region will be presented in the Vemex – Visit Europe Media Exhange fairs in New York and San Francisco.

Balticlab 2.0 Networking weekend
13-15 December, Stockholm, Sweden
Balticab 2.0 brings together young and creative minds from around the Baltic Sea region. After the Networking weekend, the collaboration continues in the form of Balticlab Project Development Programme in February 2014. Application period for the Balticlab 2.0 ends on 8 November 2013.

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